hail damage outside home

What to Check for Outside the Home After Hail

If you ever run into the unfortunate situation of hail damage, it can feel very overwhelming. You may wonder where do I begin to assess the damage and what do I do next?

1. Write Down When the Storm Happened

The first thing you will want to do is record the date and time of the hailstorm. Next, while it’s easy to see a busted window, you’ll want to do a full inspection around the outside of your home.    

2. Take Photos

Take pictures of the size of hail. Prove the size either by shooting a photo showing the hail next to a similar sized item like a golf ball or a video of you with a tape measure and hail on the ground.

Then you’ll want to take any additional pictures where you see damage including:

  • Trees and other plants 
  • Damaged barbecue grills, air condition units, sprinklers, and other outdoor appliances
  • Any leaks that occurred due to hail

3. Check the Roof for Hail Damage

Next, you can do an initial review of the roofline. Look for missing shingles and dents in the gutters, vents, and other soft metals on the home exterior. Holes and cracks around your gutters are also possible due to hail. Most roofing manufacturers state hail as an exclusion to their warranty, as do home builders and roofing contractors. An experienced home exterior contractor can assess the full damage so you will want to work through them before filing claims insurance claims. Once you see take note of the damage around your home you can prioritize what needs immediate repairs and whomever you hire as a contractor will likely work with your insurance company’s adjuster.   

4. Inspect your Cars

If any cars were left outside the garage and you have vehicle damage, check your auto insurance policy. Then contact the auto insurance company to report the damage and file a claim. Work with them and a car repair service company to determine the best course of action to get your car looking great again. But before choosing a repair shop, ask if they guarantee to fix any repairs they may have missed to avoid additional time (and potentially money!) on repairing your car.   

For gutter maintenance and repair after a hailstorm, New Vision Exterior Solutions helps Amarillo homeowners fix their gutter systems. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding repairing your gutter system.