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How to Paint Gutters

Are you ready to sell your home or just looking to freshen up the exterior a bit? Painting your gutter is one of the many ways you can spruce up the outside of a home. Re-painting is possible with a variety of gutter types including aluminum gutters. If you’re eager to paint, you’ll need to first thoroughly clean the gutters.

Cleaning Gutters

Let’s talk about tackling cleaning your gutters. Don’t jump to painting as painting on unclean gutters only leads to paint that will not stick.

Simply pressure washing the gutters won’t work as surface dirt lingers and you need to clean out the debris. You’ll need soap, water, and a scrub brush to get out the grime. Take dishwashing soap and put in a garden sprayer and spray onto the entire surface. Keep the brush wet also with soap and start scrubbing away.

As soon as everything is scrubbed, rinse off the areas, so no dirt remains. If there’s any loose paint at this point, scrape it off.

Remove Gutter Braces

Temporarily take out the gutter bracers so you can paint areas underneath the braces.

Add Primer

You can now add the first new layer to your gutters. A coat of primer improves the sticking of paint and prevents damage to gutters like rust and fading.

Stick with ammonia free solutions as the chemical can react to any presence of aluminum including a gutter’s pin holes and downspouts. The chemical reaction creates rough, uneven looking paint jobs.

Consider oil or acrylic bonding primer instead. Acrylic bonding primer works great for faded aluminum and is a solid foundation for acrylic paint. With oil based solutions, add a thinner keeping in mind 16 ounces of thinner to a gallon of paint as a ratio. Once you apply primer, don’t do any additional work on the gutters for 48 hours as it settles.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is an optional layer of protection gutters you can add before applying the surface paint. The big thing to know is enamel paint helps prevent rusting.

Paint the First Coat

Add a smooth coat to the inside and outside of the gutters ensuring all areas are covered. Then let that first coat set for 24 hours.

Add a Second Coat

After a full day, you can add the next coat in a very similar way to the first. The second coat should also be even and fully painted.

Hiring Someone to Paint Gutters

If you’ve read through this and decided painting and cleaning just aren’t your thing, you can always hire gutter maintenance professionals to paint your gutter system. Experienced professionals can not only clean and repaint your gutters, but they can also work with you to select the proper paint tone if you’re looking to freshen or update the style of your home.

For homeowners living in Amarillo, we work with residents every day to repair and update their gutter systems. Contact us today if you need further assistance.

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