Seamless Copper Gutters in Amarillo

Best Materials for Gutters

Gutters are an essential addition to any home. No matter the climate you’re located in, gutters can prevent excess water from causing foundation issues and soil corrosion, and keep your yard healthy and beautiful. Although the choice to add gutters to your home is an easy one, choosing the material for your gutters can be a little more challenging. The four most common materials for gutters are aluminum, vinyl, copper and steel. 

Each one of these materials has their own set of pros and cons. We will dive into the features and drawbacks of each to help make your gutter material selection a little easier! 


We’ve listed aluminum first on our list because it is the most commonly used material for gutters. Aluminum gutters are lightweight and rust-resistant, making them a durable choice for any home or property. There are also a wide range of colors and weight gauges available on the market today so you can fully customize the gutters to your home. Many DIYers select thinner-gauge aluminum gutters, while professionals use heavier-gauge aluminum to create their seamless gutters. 


Vinyl gutters are the least expensive gutter material, but they tend to become extremely brittle and the colors will fade from the sun and weather elements. It’s important to note that vinyl is not as sturdy as aluminum or other metal gutter materials, but because it’s so inexpensive and lightweight, many DIYers select vinyl as their gutter material of choice. Vinyl gutters are not especially durable, and you shouldn’t expect them to last as long as metal-based gutters. 


Copper is the most expensive gutter material on our list and is usually only used on high-end new builds, or historic restorations. Not only does copper have a distinctive look, but it also is extremely rust-resistant and durable, so a copper gutter system can last for decades. To install copper gutters, professionals solder copper pieces together to create a seamless system. Overtime, copper gutters will patina and turn into a blue or green color. Copper gutters can only be installed by professionals. 


Galvalume steel gutters continue to gain popularity as a more affordable alternative to copper gutters. Obviously, steel is an extremely strong metal, and galvalume steel gutters are dipped in an aluminum and zinc coating that is rust-resistant. The strength and weather-resistant properties of the galvalume steel makes it a great material option for gutters. 

Hopefully you’ve found the information in this blog post helpful, but if you still have questions, or you’re looking for a gutter material recommendation, give our experts at New Vision Exteriors a call today! 

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