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6 Tips on How To Manage Stormwater Runoff

When you have saturated soil or the volume of water is much larger than the surface it’s trying to infiltrate, runoff occurs. As this water runs down, it can gather untreated pollutants like sediment and pesticides and drain down into our natural waterways.

Take advantage of the following tips to manage stormwater runoff and reduce nearby pollutants. 

1. For driveways, consider permeable pavers.

Pavers are multiple layers containing sand or gravel so that water can drain between each paver.

2. Patios can also be replaced with designs that allow water to soak between them like brick or pavers.

3. Cover any unprotected soil from erosion through a combination of mulch, grass, and shrubs.

Plants that are adaptable to wet soil should be closest to the center of your garden.

Use native plants as much as possible. They will require the least amount of watering and maintenance including event pesticides.

On sloped yards, add a terrace or retaining wall. With homes around very sloped terrains, consult with a professional landscaper.

4. Plants are especially useful for reducing pollutants when placed around runoff points.

As the water reaches the plant roots, the soil acts as a filter for pollutants.

5. Catch storm runoff with a rainwater barrel.

The water gathered inside the barrel can be slowly distributed to water plants.

6. Ensure the downspout locations from your gutters are at the best drainage points for your property.

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