Seamless Gutters

Ensure water moves off your roof and away from your home exterior with seamless gutters. Seamless gutters stretch over 50′ so they don’t have the same leak points of sectional gutters. With multiple designs, we can identify the best places to put downspouts around your home, so water does not pool anywhere. Plus we get you the proper colors matching the rest of your home to protect your home investment.

Leafguard System

Gutters overfilled with leaves can lead to water overflow and clogs causing more costly repairs. Keep leaves and other debris from building up and damaging your gutters with leafguard systems. And if you’ve ever had to grab a ladder to clean out the gutters you’ll appreciate never having to do that again. Our leafguards come in wire mesh or slitted aluminum. Water can still freely flow away from your home, but leafguards let leaves instead blow to the ground.

Gutter Repair

In addition to gutter maintenance, we can also renovate sections of your existing gutter system damaged due to hail or wind. Gutters can also come off their hangers from kids on hanging them. Have other issues like needing a new downspout or end cap resealed? Contact us now.

Rainwater Collection

Save money on your future water bills while conserving water. Canyon can go through serious drought periods where you might be glad you collected the rainwater for watering your plants or garden. Each barrel or pail has a spigot for easy attachment to hoses and works with any downspout. Each barrel also comes with a stand.

We have multiple colors and design choices to choose from and options to link multiple barrels for larger properties.

What Happens When You Hire New Vision Exteriors

Once you get a free initial quote by phone, we’ll come by and determine the best locations for downspouts and go over any questions you have. We’ll also gather the proper measurements outside your home. That way have the right amount of materials for installation the next time we visit.

After the materials arrive, we’ll contact you to confirm a good time to come and install both the gutters and downspouts. Then once we’re done, you can review our work to ensure it meets your satisfaction before we leave.