Rain water coming out of gutter downspout

Rain Water barrels are placed under a convenient down spout and harvest nutrient enriched water for the watering of plants and gardens. We offer the barrel and stand which helps place a bucket or pail under the spigot. A garden hose can also be attached to spigot.

The Problem
The Texas Panhandle has experienced extended periods of drought and conserving water isn't always possible.


  • Water plants with nutrient filled water
  • Connect garden hose for longer spans
  • Can link together multiple barrels
  • Can be used with current downspouts

What to Expect
Let us know what questions you have and we will get the right color and design picked out and go over the best location.


  • Barrel with color and design choice
  • Stand

Additional Options
Diverter to be used to control how full barrel gets and not let it over flow.