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How to Collect Rainwater

Texas summers are unrivaled by few other states when it comes to the hot temperatures. With the intense summer heat we experience, our lawns, trees, and landscaping crave extra water more than ever. Unfortunately, to get that lush green lawn you’re hoping for, you’re going to have to invest in extra watering which can quickly impact your utility bill. 

Instead of foregoing watering all together to save some money, consider collecting rainwater. Not only will your pockets thank you, but so will the environment as water is a finite resource. To top it off, rainwater is nutrient-rich and free of the chemicals and minerals in our tap water which your soil will thank you for. 

What is Rainwater Collection? 

As the name hints at, rainwater collection is a method used to store rainwater to be reused – frequently for landscape watering. There are various types of rainwater collection, but the common denominator is a large barrel that holds the water. These barrels are usually placed directly under a gutter downspout and they boast spigots to make your watering a little easier.  

How Is New Vision Exterior’s Rainwater Collection Different? 

Not all rainwater collection methods and services are equal. In fact, we’ve spent years perfecting our rainwater collecting methods. Here’s why our process is different: 

Gutter Downspouts

Not only do we provide the barrel and stand for your rainwater collection ventures, but our expertise will help guide you to the best placement for optimal collection. Other rain barrels require a different rain diverter or gutter downspout, but our barrels can be used with your current downspout! This approach prevents you from having to make any modifications to your existing gutter structure. 

Barrel Usability

There are a variety of rain barrel varieties available on the market, but the ones we use boast a few key features. First, they all have spigots, making it easy to drain the water and attach a hose. This feature will prevent you from spending any extra time watering your landscaping than you would with a typical hose hookup. Second, our barrels can be interconnected so you’re not limited to the contents of an individual barrel. This will streamline your watering process and save you time. 

Design Availability

Have a strong opinion on what you want your rainwater barrel to look like? We offer multiple colors and designs so that your barrels blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior. We also provide stands for the barrels so the barrels will be perfectly aligned with your gutter downspout. 

There are endless benefits to using a rainwater collection system and if you’re in the Texas panhandle, contact us today to discuss your needs! 

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