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Selecting What Color Gutters to Use

In designing a new home or improving the condition of an older home you want to look at everything that adds to the overall aesthetic of the exterior. A thoughtfully chosen gutter color contributes to adding curb appeal while something deeply contrasting creates a bit of an eyesore. 

Where to Start With Selecting Color Gutters

Before you fall in love with a specific color, check with your subdivision or neighborhood association. There’s likely guidelines already in place covering restrictions on home exterior colors. 

Also consider the placement of the gutters in relationship to the rest of the home. You may not be as concerned about the color if gutters travel down from the backyard. 

Match the Roof Shingles

Seamlessly transition from the gutter to the roof by choosing the same color for both. Some of the more common tones when you blend them with the roof shingle color include brown, bronze, and charcoal grey gutters.

Below the shingles facing the street is the home’s trim. Many Texas traditional homes with brick exteriors try to match the gutter color to the trim. The gutter color ends up often being white, charcoal grey, brown or clay. Copper colored gutters also blend in with traditional and hill country style homes. 

Complement the Soffit

Just above the side exterior are home’s soffits. This overhang protects moisture from reaching the rafters. Often here we see colors like 30 degree and 80 degree white so the gutters and soffit match.

Soffit and gutter color can also be the same as the exterior wall tone. Stucco exteriors seen in Tuscan homes and other home styles may have a lighter based color. If you want the gutters to blend in, match the exterior tone with options like almond, cameo, or classic cream colored gutters. 

Going with a darker color like black rain gutters on light exterior walls essentially creates a frame. That’s not a bad thing, but something to keep in mind. 

Pure White Gutters

Much like wearing a plain white tee there are inherent risks to white gutters. White colored gutters needing a repaint will be more visible.

Say No to Accent Colors

The gutter color should also not be an accent like a bright pigment as you are not trying to call attention to the gutters. Keep neon and other brightish colors to interior decorative pieces or walls.  

Match Fencing with Your Gutters

Your gutters shouldn’t be the only thing you match. It’s a great time to stain your fence so it’s complementary to your house.

If you need seamless gutter system installed or gutter repainted in Amarillo check our gutter color options and reach out with any questions.

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