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Selecting What Color Gutters to Use

In designing a new home or improving the condition of an older home you want to look at everything that adds to the overall aesthetic of the exterior. A thoughtfully chosen gutter color contributes to adding curb appeal while something deeply contrasting creates a bit of an eyesore. 

Where to Start With Selecting Color Gutters

Before you fall in love with a specific color, check with your subdivision or neighborhood association. There’s likely guidelines already in place covering restrictions on home exterior colors. 

Also consider the placement of the gutters in relationship to the rest of the home. You may not be as concerned about the color if gutters travel down from the backyard. 

Match the Exterior Paint Color

Matching your gutters and downspouts to the siding of your home will provide a unified look, without drawing too much attention.

Contrast Colors

Breathe life into your home’s exterior and make a statement with an eye-catching gutter color! Contrasting colors are not only stunning, but they can really bring out the beauty in any home.

Match the Roof Shingles

Seamlessly transition from the gutter to the roof by choosing the same color for both. Some of the more common tones when you blend them with the roof shingle color include brown, bronze, and charcoal grey gutters.

Match With The Trim

Below the shingles facing the street is the home’s trim. Many Texas traditional homes with brick exteriors try to match the gutter color to the trim. The gutter color ends up often being white, charcoal grey, brown or clay. Copper colored gutters also blend in with traditional and hill country style homes.

Match With Garage Doors

Look to your garage when painting your gutters. You can match the color exactly or contrast with it if you’d like to spice it up!

Consider Weather

Selecting the right gutter color for your home should be based on more than aesthetics. Weather and climate in a region can have an impact as UV exposure from sunlight has different effects depending upon hue. For areas with strong sun rays, darker shades are often ideal due to their increased durability; however lighter colors tend to show signs of fading faster.

Complement the Soffit

Just above the side exterior are home’s soffits. This overhang protects moisture from reaching the rafters. Often here we see colors like 30 degree and 80 degree white so the gutters and soffit match.

Soffit and gutter color can also be the same as the exterior wall tone. Stucco exteriors seen in Tuscan homes and other home styles may have a lighter based color. If you want the gutters to blend in, match the exterior tone with options like almond, cameo, or classic cream-colored gutters. 

Black and Dark Gutters Look Better For Longer

Looking for a low-maintenance gutter option? Go dark! Darker colors can better withstand dirt and other materials, such as mud or grass. While lighter color gutters may look attractive initially, they show signs of wear and stain quicker.

Going with a darker color like black rain gutters on light exterior walls essentially creates a frame. That’s not a bad thing, but something to keep in mind. 

Pure White Gutters

Much like wearing a plain white tee there are inherent risks to white gutters. White colored gutters needing a repaint will be more visible.

What About Copper Gutters?

For those looking to add a touch of sophistication and lasting beauty, copper gutters are the perfect choice. While more costly than their aluminum counterparts, you won’t have to worry about painting them – they develop an elegant patina that only improves with age.

Look at Your Neighbor’s Gutter Colors

When refreshing your home’s exterior, it’s essential to keep an eye on the homes around you. Observe color schemes and styles that appeal to you—they may provide valuable inspiration for a look of your own or help avoid one-of-a-kind choices by showing what blends best with the rest of the neighborhood.

Say No to Accent Colors

The gutter color should also not be an accent like a bright pigment as you are not trying to call attention to the gutters. Keep neon and other brightish colors to interior decorative pieces or walls.  

Custom Match Your Gutters

Enhance your home’s beauty with a color that truly stands out! Need something to match the existing siding or trim? A gutter contractor can match it! With a wide range of options, a contractor can paint your gutters the perfect shade to complement any facade and give your house an eye-catching look.

The Best Gutter Color Combinations

When painting the exterior of your home, selecting a complementary gutter color to enhance its look can be just as important. A great way to give any house an instant facelift is by finding colors that create beautiful and harmonious combinations. Instantly revive the exterior of your home with properly chosen gutter colors! Select color schemes that flatter and enhance—not clash or fade away. Below we’ll share some fantastic examples; from sophisticated neutrals to bold palettes, adding a pop of color is a simple way to refresh your house’s look.

Greys and Blues

Modern homes often embrace the classic combination of grays and blues to create a unique aesthetic. Try playing with variation by opting for lighter shades on your siding and a darker hue on your roof, then consider adding an eye-catching white or dark grey gutter that pairs perfectly with either trim color.

Dark Blue and White

The combination of dark blue siding and light-colored trim gives homes an aesthetically pleasing contrast, emphasizing their beauty. Complement this with white gutters to pull together the look for a devastatingly attractive home exterior.

Grey and Off White

For a timeless, sophisticated look on your home exterior, consider the classic combination of off-white siding and dark gray roof. Contrast this with an equally bold hue for your front door to really make it stand out, plus some shudders or trim in white. To complete the clean lines between levels add gleaming white gutters which are perfect for providing subtle sophistication without taking away from your chosen color scheme!


A classic home with a brick exterior offers many customization opportunities, making it difficult to match all the colors and materials. To coordinate your roof color and gutters with the varying shades of reds, browns, greens in traditional brick siding opt for neutral hues such as black, white or gray; accented by crisp whites along trimlines. If you choose this option add an additional layer of visual interest through selecting a seamless gutter system that blends into its surroundings while also emphasizing texture on any siding details!


Create an enchanting exterior with a monochromatic green palate. The range of shades from sage to forest and olive brings in fabulous earthy tones, adding texture and depth for eye-catching contrast.

What to Consider When Picking a Gutter Color

Keep in mind a few key factors to make sure you pick the best color for your home:

Does your HOA restrict certain gutter colors? Before making any home improvement decisions, make to check in with your HOA policy about changes that could alter the neighborhood aesthetic. So be sure you check what rules may apply before proceeding with renovations!

What’s your budget look like? – Gutters come in a variety of colors, but the default factory-finish is usually basic and off-white – making them the most cost-effective option. Installing copper guttering and downspouts are more expensive but will give high-end or historic homes an undeniably luxurious touch that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Where do your downspouts run? – To ensure a seamless exterior, it may be worth considering matching your gutters and downspouts to the color of your home. That way, every part of you house’s trim and roofing can tie together naturally against its paint job for an impressive final look.

Get Expert Advice on Gutter Colors From Experienced Professionals

If you need seamless gutters installed or gutter repainted in Amarillo check our gutter color options and reach out with any questions.

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