Cleaning leafs out of gutters on a house

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters

When gutters are clean, they work extremely well in moving excess rainwater from your roof through the downspouts. However, when they become clogged, water can quickly spill over and ruin your landscaping and foundation. Unfortunately, gutters can be easily clogged as debris, twigs, leaves, and even pine needles can quickly cause a blockage. 

To keep your gutters clean and water smoothly running, you need to get your gutters cleaned regularly. This brings us to the question – “How often should you clean your gutters?”; the short answer to this question is twice a year, however, there are several instances where you will need to get them cleaned more regularly. 

After a Heavy Storm

Depending on your location, your house might be susceptible to a variety of different storms that could wreak havoc on your gutter system. During storms, the wind picks up, carrying debris and foliage throughout the air, landing in your gutters and clogging them. If you see any debris on your roof after a storm, chances are that same debris is in your gutters and you will need to get it removed. 

Your Home is Under Trees

Obviously, if your home is under a tree or multiple trees, leaves can quickly and easily clog your gutters. If you have tree branches hanging over your roof you should consider getting your gutters cleaned every few months, with an especially thorough cleaning in the fall after all the leaves have dropped. 

Your Property is Downhill

While this one may not have been top of mind, if your home is downhill, your gutters have a high chance of collecting debris from other homes at higher elevations. This is especially true if there is any construction going on in your area, if your neighborhood is being landscaped, or if your uphill neighbors are getting their trees pruned. 

How to Minimize Your Gutter Cleanings

If you’re interested in minimizing your gutter cleanings, the best way to do so is by adding gutter guards. While there are a variety of gutter guard types, they all serve the same purpose of keeping solid debris out of your gutter system. Gutter guards won’t completely eliminate the need for cleanings, but they will drastically reduce cleaning frequency. 

No matter if you’re interested in gutter cleanings or gutter guards, New Vision Exterior is your one-stop-shop for all things gutters. Give us a call today for all of your gutter needs! 

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