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How To Keep Birds From Nesting In Gutters

One of the most potentially damaging places around your home a bird can set up a nest is in your gutters. Birds nesting in gutters can lead to all sorts of problems as your gutter clogs up and water can’t properly drain away from your home including:

  • mold building up on the roof
  • foundation damage
  • bug colonies due to water pooling
  • damaged flower beds

The pressure of a large enough blockage can even cause your gutter to detach from the rest of your home. Preventing a bird nest in your home’s gutters is an easy way to keep your home’s exterior looking great.

Clear Debris Out From Gutters

Check out how clean the inside of your gutters are. Certain bird species (finches, starlings, and house sparrows) look for confined areas to set up a nest. Don’t make it easier and faster for them by having materials ready for them to use. Remove leaves, twigs and other materials. Then rise out the gutters with a garden hose.

Install a Leaf Guard to Prevent Nesting

Leaf guard installation doesn’t just make your gutters leaf free to prevent clogs; birds won’t be able to enter them either. Put in the leaf guard system after a thorough gutter cleaning. Home services professionals can clean your gutters then install wire mesh built leaf guards and other gutter guard options.

Build a Birdhouse

Some people enjoy having birds around the exterior of their house peacefully chirping while they relax outside. If you want birds to have a safe place to nest, stop by your local home appliance store and buy a birdhouse for the backyard. Little to no installation required as many shops carry pre-assembled bird houses.

Bird Repellents

Not everyone wants birds hanging around the house for a variety of reasons such as an easily excited pet. There are many gel, granule, and liquid based bird repellent products that do not physically harm birds. Instead, they give out a scent causing birds to fly away and find somewhere else to roost.

Products sending out a frequency so high people can’t hear, but birds do and run away are in the market also. Plus there are modern day scarecrows like fake owls you can install around the rooflines, but will only be useful if birds aren’t already nesting there.

Other Ways To Keep Birds Out the Gutters

Some of these like fake owls may not be HOA approved so keep that in mind. Also if you already have an issue with birds around your home, be aware of the Texas Parks and Wildlife guidelines for protected wildlife species

There are a few other options you may be surprised to hear about. Rubber fake snakes can scare off birds but need to be attached to something, so they don’t wash off in the rain. To stop birds from perching on the roofline, you can even install anti-perching devices. 

For Amarillo homeowners experiencing issues with birds nesting around the roof and gutters, contact us today for further assistance.

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