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Gutter Cleaning 101: Tips on Cleaning & Repair

Clean gutters keep the outside of your home looking good as they channel water away. You may wonder how to keep your gutters clean, when to do it, and why and we’re here to address some of those questions. 

How often should you clean gutters?

The National Center for Healthy Housing advises to cleaning out the gutters twice a year, during spring and fall. Your surrounding environment such as having many nearby trees may require more frequent cleanings. Locations with dust also do.

What can happen with dirty gutters?

Siding and Trim Rot

Gutters become loose as the weight of clogs slowly pull them away from their attachments to the house. Clogged gutters also cause overrun. This leads to water running onto the siding and trimming, essentially defeating one of the key purposes to having a gutter in the first place.   

Dam Ice

When wintry precipitation hits Amarillo, along with checking your pipes, watch for ice dams. An ice dam occurs as already clogged gutters force water to flow over the edges of a gutter and freeze over. These dams can get heavy enough to go from gutter drooping to completely detaching from homes.

Removing ice dams during cold weather can be hazardous however you can reach out to a gutter professional for help.

Bug Infestations

In addition to pooling that can occur around improper drainage and gutter systems, bugs and rodents find solace in clogged gutters. As they find their own home there, it’s highly likely these unwanted guests make their way inside your home.

What you’ll need to clean gutters?

  • Gloves to avoid unwanted splinters and cuts.   
  • Safety goggles, debris can come at you as you clean.   
  • Dust mask, so you don’t inhale dust clearing the gutters out. 
  • Ladder along with someone to hold and spot the ladder as you go up. 
  • Garden trowel to remove goop and debris.   

How to clean gutters?

First, go up a ladder and clear out any debris inside the gutters. Any decomposed leaves can be used as compost for your garden.

Next look for any gutter leaks. This includes holes and cracked caulking. For cracked caulk, take a chisel to remove and then dry the area. Then apply bead silicon sealing, so water doesn’t get behind the gutter and rot the boards.   

Then check the rivets and gutter spikes. For any loose spikes, replace them (wait until you have the new spikes before removing any). Gutter spikes should be going through the gutter into the fascia board and rafter. Rivet guns can re-secure rivets coming out.   

Why hire a Gutter Cleaning Company?

A few reasons to consider beyond the fact cleaning can be tedious…

An experienced gutter cleaning company can identify issues before they become even more costly repairs. Possible issues can include gutters drooping, leaks, and loosened rivets.   

If you own a multi-story home, you may not own a tall enough ladder to properly and safely clear out the gutters. Depending on the style of your home, the gutters may also have an unusual design making them far harder to clean out.   

For gutter cleaning and repair in the Amarillo area, contact us today with any questions or to get started. 

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