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What is the Purpose of Rain Gutters

Unfortunately, as important as gutters are, they’re often an afterthought in the home building, renovation and maintenance processes. While most people understand that the purpose of  gutters is to gather rain, and move it off the roof via a downspout, very few understand the destruction rain water can cause if not disposed of properly. 

Below we will dive into the top reasons you should install rain gutters on your home, and explain what the purpose of gutters on a house is, so that you can prevent irreversible damage the lack of gutters can cause. 

What is the Purpose of Gutters?

They Protect the Foundation

Right below your roofline is your home’s foundation, meaning when rain slides down the side of a roof, it directly hits the soil surrounding the foundation. When rain hits the soil, the soil will expand and apply pressure to the house’s foundation. Constant or repetitive pressure can cause foundation blocks to shift under your house, creating major safety and liability issues. 

They Prevent Leaks

Just like excess rainwater can corrode your foundation blocks, the rainwater can also dissolve the concrete in between the foundation blocks. When water pools on the foundation, it’s only a matter of time before it leaks into the house. Excessive leaking can cause your home to flood, leading to irreversible damage that insurance frequently will not cover. 

They Deter Soil Erosion

Like we mentioned above, without rain gutters, rainwater will pool on the soil around the foundation. Not only can this lead to foundation issues, but it can also loosen and move the soil; this movement is known as erosion. Erosion can damage and kill your costly lawn and landscaping. It can also amplify the effects of excess water on your foundation by creating depressions in the soil that can hold additional water. 

They Protect the Roof

Having properly functioning gutters will prevent water buildup on your roof. Water buildup can lead to damage and rot causing unnecessary roof repairs. If the water buildup persists, it can leak into your attic and damage your insulation, electrical wiring and drywall. To ensure your gutters are always functioning, make sure to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and keep up with any repairs

They Keep Your Siding Clean

Without the addition of gutters and downspouts, rain water that has accumulated on your dirty roof will stain your siding. Not only will this impact your curb appeal, but it can also lead to siding damage, rot and even mold. With gutters, the excess rainwater will be directed away from the side of your home, keeping it clean and mildew free. 

Now that you understand the purpose of rain gutters, give us a call today to install a new set, or repair your existing rain gutters

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