Gutter During Rain Storm

Importance of Home Gutter Systems

In building a home, sometimes the gutter system is missing despite being one of the biggest things you can do to protect a home’s exterior. The 20 inches of average annual rain Amarillo receives adds up when you see the signs of home/property damage. Getting gutter installation in Amarillo, TX can help prevent a variety of home exterior issues.

Siding and Foundation Decay

Proper gutter installation doesn’t just help prevent erosion for your landscape and siding; it also protects against damage to your patio, driveway, and walkways. As water accumulates, it can cause staining or cracks on exterior floors.

A home without a gutter system can also lead to topsoil washing away which helps act as a safeguard for a home’s foundation. This is one of many reasons why many residential and commercial building regulations around the United States now requires rain gutters.

Roof Deterioration

Clogged gutters need a thorough cleaning to prevent roof damage. Having no leaf guards leads to even more rainwater collection on top of the roof causing deterioration. With that comes all sorts of potential problems:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Attic flooding
  • Water coming inside your home

Goodbye Garden

It’s not just the surface grass that gets water pouring down from your roof during a good rain. All that time and money invested on a garden and flower bed goes down the drain without proper water drainage through a well maintained gutter system.

Bug Infestations

If you have small bodies of water around your roof, or on the patio, bugs can attract to those like magnets. All sorts of insects are attracted to large pools of water. In fact, mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water.

Now what kind of system should you get if you need to replace gutters?

Seamless Gutters

Getting water from where it could potentially collect to where it needs to be requires a sturdy material so water doesn’t leak through on its journey to draining off. Vinyl gutter installation breaks down on the sunnier days in Amarillo.

Seamless gutters are a strong material that is installed around the sloped roof edges. Seamless gutters have several less chances to leak because they do not leak within the gutter multiple joints that vinyl gutters have.

If you’re unsure if your current gutter system is working properly, take a look around the house after it rains next time. A properly maintained gutter system funnels bodies of water away from your home. Look for any pooling, leaks, erosion or damage to your plants.

For assistance reviewing your current gutter system, along with gutter installation in Amarillo, TX, contact us today. We’ll work with you to design a gutter system that not only protects your home but beautifully compliments the exterior with quality craftsmanship.

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