take care of gutters during a drought

How to Take Care of Your Gutter System During a Drought

Here in Amarillo and the rest of the Panhandle, we go through long periods without rain. Most people don’t think about their gutters during droughts and focus on their landscaping and water conservation. But during droughts gutters systems can run into issues you need to be aware of.

Gutters aren’t necessarily empty when there’s no rain. Water usually wash away small debris out of your downspout.   

If you live here you know this: Amarillo is one of the windiest cities in the United States. The wind creates tons of opportunities for leaves and dust to blow over into your gutters too. During drought season all this can build up along with animal waste, dirt, and other things.

Leaving this stuff unchecked can lead to nesting areas for birds and bugs. And if you have a crack around the gutter near the roofline they may even find their way inside your home.   

Gutter Maintenance During Drought Season

Take the following steps to maintain your gutter during droughts:   

Vacuum out debris areas of your gutter system where possible. For the rest of the area, clean it out with a hose and if necessary scrape off any debris from the gutter system. While you have a ladder handy, you can also check for any holes or cracks in your gutters. 

While we’re on the subject of droughts, how can you conserve water during dry spells?   

One simple solution is collecting the water during rainfall. A rainwater barrel accumulates water at the bottom of the downspout of a gutter system. It’s one way you can cut down on your watering bills as you now have free water handy you can use on your garden, trees and houseplants.

For gutter maintenance or a rainwater barrel in the Amarillo area, contact us today.   

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