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Where Should I Place My Rain Gutters?

No matter if you’re building a home from the ground up, or are looking to add gutters to your existing home, gutter placement is an important decision. Obviously, you want your gutters to be effective at gathering water and taking it away from your home, so they need to be placed properly. You also have to consider what is surrounding your home as you don’t want the water flow from the gutter hitting your garden or trees. 

If you’re asking yourself where you should place your gutters, keep reading on below! We will provide guidelines for optimal gutter placement. 

Rain Gutter Placement

To collect optimal rainwater, gutters should always extend beyond the eaves of the roof – ideally on all sides. Make sure the gutter is not covered by the eaves or else the water won’t make it into the gutters and instead will splash over the sides of the eaves. 

Besides the actual placement of the gutter, the sloping of your gutter system is equally as important. The slope of the gutter should have a gentle decline – starting high on one end and ending low – so the water can be released through the downspouts. One exception to this rule is if your gutter is longer than 40 feet; in that case, the peak of the gutter should start in the middle so the water can runoff on each side. 

The placement and slope of your gutter will ensure that rain and snow are carried away from your home – even the slightest adjustments can make the largest difference. 

Gutter Hanger Placement

Gutter hangers are used to attach your gutters to the roof and while there are various types of gutter hangers available, no matter which variation you choose, the placement is essential. Where you place your gutter hangers is largely dependent on the type of weather you commonly experience. 

For example, areas with snow need to be mindful of the extra weight snow will add to your gutters and the gutter hangers should be placed closer together to accommodate it. These cold climates require your gutter hangers to be spaced no further than 18 inches apart from the center, whereas warm climates can get away with gutter hangers at 36 inches apart from the center. 

When your gutter hangers aren’t accurately placed, your gutter won’t function correctly and you will experience the dreaded gutter sag. As snow, rain, and ice start to accumulate in these sagging areas the extra weight will cause the gutter hangers to break which will render your gutter system unusable and cause it to separate from the house. 

Keep in mind that gutter and gutter hanger placement is both an art and a science and should be left to the professionals. For all your gutter installation needs, contact New Vision Exteriors today! 

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